The Southern Chinese Kung-Fu Association
is offering classes in Wing Chun Kung-Fu

Wing Chun Kung-Fu: Wing Chun is a martial art famous for its practical self-defense value. Speed and efficiency of movement are key elements in this traditional Chinese martial art.

Pak Mei Fut Gar Kung-Fu: This "Buddha Family" Kung-Fu style is a Southern Chinese, five animal system from a rural background. It is marked by an equal amount of linear and circular attack methods, and has a wide variety of traditional weaponry in its curriculum.

Sifu Peter Nosler has been an instructor of Wing Chun and Pak Mei Fut Gar Kung-Fu since 1993, and training since 1988. He is an indoor student of Sifu David Leung of Eugene, Oregon, and learned Pak Mei Fut Gar from the late Sifu Kuang Shuang Chen.

Wing Chun classes are from 6:30 to 8:00 PM every Tuesday and Thursday at the Lee Family Association Building (Lee On Dong), 1101 SE Salmon St., Portland, Oregon  97214.

Group Classes
Unlimited: $100 per month
Drop in: $15 per class
Private Classes
Not taking group lessons: $75 per hour
Taking group lessons: $50 per hour
For more information:

Links: David Leung / Lee On Dong / Wise Orchid